Tower’s Scoop: The Noble Four

Noble 4 – The Tower’s Scoop


Metazoo Mike has officially given the public Tower information and all of the players are going crazy over it, we are officially out of the off season for Metazoo! 2022 was vastly important for the Metazoo competitive play trajectory with the ending of Caster Cup, the announcement of Towers, and even larger Caster Cups to follow. To ensure more consistent play in the competitive scene, the discussion of regionals came about and in the Metazoo Universe, that is known as Towers, where each tower is represented by one single aura type. In today’s topic we are focusing on the concept of the Noble 4. The term Noble 4 was coined by our very own Bats from Caster Society, though it is not official, it gave a nice ring for the Metazoo company to take note and consider it!

So what is the Noble 4? Glad you asked. For every Tower victor, they will have the luxury of choosing 4 other players to represent a Metazoo sanctioned team and defend that tower in the following year’s Tower Top Cut. We do not currently have official details on what the perks are for defending the following year’s tower, but I imagine if you successfully defend your tower you get full access to top cut prizing. So for our first Tower event in March, the aura type is water; more than likely you would want to select either your teammates to fight alongside you or the best 4 water players available in the market. This is such an imaginative role and opportunity Metazoo has allowed for us players to explore as this idea likely derived from Pokemon’s Elite 4.


For those not familiar with the Elite 4 from Pokemon, it is usually 4 of the strongest individuals of certain element types only being superseded by the Pokemon Champion (in our case the Metazoo Tower Victor). In the Pokemon universe this was the final step to battling the best of the best in the region; the fact that we will have this unique opportunity 7 different times for 2023 is insane. This crazy level of prizing and concept is sure to bring on players from many other TCG’s to our ever growing Metazoo player base.


Stay up to date on the latest Metazoo information on the Caster Society Discord and the Official Metazoo Games Discord, more information is soon to come. On the radar are 7 Tower events encompassing these aura types: water, earth, forest, flame, lightning, spirit, and dark. Which tower do you seek to win and who will battle alongside you to defend the throne?


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