Metazoo’s Top 6 Cards From UFO

It’s that time again!  UFO is MetaZoo’s newest set that we’ve all been waiting for.  A brand new metagame comes along with this new set and it looks to be very interesting.  Here’s what I rate as Metazoo’s top 6 cards from UFO.

#6. Rushing River

This is one card I’m really excited to try out because I love drawing more cards.  The use is kind of niche because right now it fits into very few archetypes, but the one it does automatically go in is extremely strong, and that’s Gaasyendietha combo decks.  The Arena effect of Rushing River says ‘Whenever a Caster Contracts their third Spell on their turn, each Caster Bookmarks 1. The Gaasy combo decks already play River due to River Of Time, but Rushing River is strictly better due to the pure synergy it has with the deck.  Being able to slam a Rushing River and then play multiple Torrential Rivers and draw even more cards is obviously really good.

The negative to Rushing River is that your opponent gets to draw a card as well, but you generally don’t really care what your opponent is doing with Gaasy combo, you’re just looking to draw as many pages as possible to then finish the game with multiple Boil Over and dealing damage to yourself.  Rushing River really helps you attain that goal by adding another card draw tool to an already powerful deck.

#5. Pamola

Frost gained quite a bit with Pamola.  This beastie has a lot going for it, so lets dig in. Having the traits Flying and Spirit is extremely strong and gives it evasion and reach.  Evasion due to not being able to be attacked and reach due to being able to attack other beasties with Flying.  The evasion it has also makes the lower 60 LP less relevant.

One of my favorite things about Pamola is that it has the Arena effect that makes Snowing active while it’s Awakened.  That’s extremely important in the Frost decks because some other Frost beasties gain a large boost from it, like Old Man Winter (+50 atk) and Tizheruk (+25 atk).  Another huge bonus is the decent sized attack of 40 that also has the Paralyze status effect attached to it and we all know how strong that can be.  Pamola isn’t built to be a blocker, but Frost has cards like Waheela and Icy Path to help control the board.

Overall Pamola is definitely a huge bonus Frost gained from UFO and we will most certainly see Frost appear in the metagame with Pamola playing a major role.

#4. Caster Gun

Caster Gun is absolutely a card I’ll be firing off in the near future.  At first it doesn’t look impressive as at 3 aura and no traits, so it enters the arena fatigued.  Generally a artifact that doesn’t do anything immediately is unplayable, but not Caster Gun due to the pure power level of the effect.

Being able to pay life points instead of aura is an insanely broken ability because it allows you to play any spell you want to.  This means that you can play a deck and include off-color spells and play them off of Caster Gun.  You can also abuse this and chain spells by using Magic Engineer’s Oil to awaken Caster Gun and use it again.

I would go as far to say that Caster Gun is in the running to be the new Loveland Frogman because the effect is on par with Frogman’s power level.  In Frogman decks you would use Smokey Spirits to protect it and then abuse the power.  Caster Gun allows you to use cards that destroy all creatures from multiple different colors like the Light and Dark board sweepers.  Overall I’m really impressed with Caster Gun and it’s only going to get better over time with more spells being in every new set.

3. Call Of The Storm

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Lightning’s new best friend.  Call Of The Storm makes Lightning even better, even if it didn’t need to be.  Being able to search for two Quetzalcoatlus, or most commonly a Quetz and a Thunderbird awakened is insanely powerful.  To top that off, Thunderstorm is considered to be active when you play it which makes Quetz a 90 attack most of the time.  Yes, you do have to send one to the Limbo at the end of the turn, but you still get to keep a Quetz in play after you just gained a big tempo swing by attacking other beasties or just doing 180+ damage to your opponent’s face.

The aura cost is crazy too since it costs two Neutral and two Lightning aura, which makes it playable even earlier with Neutrality Totality Aura.  I can definitely see this played on turn 2 consistently and potentially even turn 1 with a crazy Wakinyan start.  This spell is ridiculous at 2 per spellbook too!

Call Of The Storm will be played in absolutely every Lightning based deck and is most certainly here to stay.

2. Grays

This is a beastie that I’m excited to play, but also it really makes me nervous for the game.  The 35 LP isn’t too large and the attack is good with basically doing 40 damage and with the potential of 50 due to the terra bonus.

The thing that really makes me nervous is the Contract effect and the reason why is because it’s blatantly broken.  When you contract Grays you get to basically reveal the top card of your deck and if it’s another Grays you get to contract that one for free and then you get to do it all over again.  This allows you to potentially chain multiple Grays in a row, which will happen quite often due to the cards that allow for deck manipulation in Cosmic.  Dark Watchers is already a staple in Cosmic decks due to the strong power it has with manipulating the top 2-3 cards of your deck, but now we also have Bookmark Blue to do that as well.  I can see many games decided because someone just got really lucky and hit 3+ Grays on turn 1 due to being able to play 10 per deck.

Grays having the potential to decide games effectively on turn 1 makes it one of the most broken cards in MetaZoo.  Cosmic really got the goods out of UFO and it was hard not to put this as #1 in my list.

#1. Neutrality Totality Aura

Neutrality Totality Aura is a card that MetaZoo really needed and I am really impressed with R&D bringing this to us.  This new aura goes into a vast majority of the decks in the game.  Lightning loves this new aura because it allows you to play Call Of The Storm on turn 3 naturally and potentially even earlier.  Lightning isn’t the only deck that wants this new aura, so does Water, Eerie Forest, Frost, Gaasy Combo and many others that have big potential to see play in this new Metagame.  We all know how insane Caster Gun can be, just imagine playing it on turn 2.

Neutrality Totality Aura is another card that gets better over time and will be a staple in MetaZoo for as long as the game is around.  I can’t wait to start playing with this because I love some aura ramp!

This tops off my MetaZoo top 6 cards from UFO list.  Let me know in the comment section what your top picks are from UFO.

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