Metazoo Rulings You Probably Didn’t Know About Part 2

Metazoo Rulings you SHOULD know! Pt.2 Electric Boogaloo


Hey Casters! Resident Master Metazoologist here coming in HOT with another set of rulings you probably didn’t know about. I have traversed the astral plane to procure rare and valuable Metazoo rulings that will aid you going into your next Metazoo tournament! I have risked certain death in order to bestow unto you this ancient knowledge. Please  Without further adieu, let’s get into the article:

If casting Balancing Beam through Loveland Frogman, it uses Frogman’s Date of Birth instead of yours

Balancing Beam is a card that has seen on and off play since it was introduced into the game. Since Caster’s Cup allowed for Age to be checked, all age based cards now have much more utility, and Balancing Beam is no exception. What you may not have known is that by utilizing Loveland Frogman’s ability to cast spells for the caster (while still paying the aura cost of course) The Froggy Wizard checks its Date of Birth instead of the caster! This can almost certainly result in dealing a clean 100 damage, the maximum Balancing Beam allows, to score big damage on a page or caster of your choosing!

El Verde Entity does NOT reduce neutral aura costs with its CONTRACT Ability

Since the introduction of cards like Laser Beam Gun Upgrade and UFO’s Flatwoods Monster, Cosmic lock has been a popular deck choice, being able to lock down your opponent out of a given page type and looping that interaction with the combination of El Verde Entity & Flatwoods Monster. What many casters do not realize is that El Verde Entity only reduces the COSMIC cost of the next Beastie being played, not the ENTIRE cost. Therefore, a caster would still need to pay 1 Neutral Aura to cast their Flatwoods Monster, even if they picked up 4 Beasties with El Verde Entity’s CONTRACT effect. A confident Cosmic player could over commit their resources and leave their Flatwoods stranded, allowing you the turn you need to swing the match back in your favor!

“Reduce all damage this card would take in combat to 0” effects will only “absorb” up to  the Page’s maximum LP
Gumberoo has made its way back on to the list with another interesting interaction involving its, and also Jersey Devil’s ARENA effect. The aforementioned cards do not take any damage from combat, however, if used as a blocker, the caster only needs to allocate their maximum LP to the Beastie, after which any additional damage could be allocated to the original target. Similar to the ruling about Wallowa Lake Crustacean in my last rulings roundup, this works the same way with damage allocation!


The Arena is everywhere! Not just on your side of the table
In Metazoo the Arena is defined as the entire play area of both casters. If desired you can place pages into the arena anywhere, not just on your side of the Terras. This comes in handy for cards like Whirling Whimpus and Beast of Busco, where the placement of the page matters for their effects! This also works in reverse allowing a caster to spread out their pages across the entire play area to avoid pesky cards like the aforementioned from wreaking havoc on a scrunched up Arena. Choose your placement wisely!


Declaring an attack on a Page inflicted with Sleep removes the indicator and does not deal double damage.

With the latest core set Seance giving much needed support to the Spirit Archetype, Morpheus, and other sleep inducing pages will see more and more play. It is important to remember that a Sleeping page, when targeted for an attack, will remove the indicator, and only allow normal damage to be dealt, as opposed to a Sleeping page being targeted for damage outside of the attack in which it was inflicted with Sleep, which would double the damage, remove the indicator and awaken the Page!

I hope that these rulings aid you well in battle as you cast powerful Beasties, and devastating spells in the Arena! As always, feel free to reach out to me on the Caster Society or Official Metazoo discord and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck Casters!

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