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Metazoo Rulings You Probably Didn’t Know About Part 4

Metazoo Rulings You Should Know Part 4


Hello Casters and welcome back to Metazoo. Rulings. You. Should. Know! I’m your host Master MZO and decent card player Truk, here to deliver only the best in Metazoo Card rulings you probably never knew about! These card rulings and interactions are GUARANTEED to make you a better caster or your money back! Let’s get right to it.


You can Block with the BBQ Token Generated from Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary

It is no secret that Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary is one of the strongest Promo cards printed in Metazoo. 2 Neutral and 3 Flame Aura to contract a Beastie with Fleet and Unblockable, granted you’ve claimed that you live in the USA on your characteristics sheet, and an astounding 125 Damage Attack with Burn is a force to be reckoned with all on its own. On top of that, with a successful attack a 25 LP BBQ Token is created, which is a Beastie that has the text: DESTROYED Target Beastie recovers 25 LP and has all traits removed until the end of this turn. Very powerful! What most casters do not know is that when the BBQ Token awakens on the following controlling caster’s turn it has the ability to become a defender! That 25 LP could be the life difference you need for your Beastie to survive!


Claimed 4th Wall Items Count for BOTH Casters in the Arena

In Professional Metazoo events, Casters are required to list / bring up to 4 unique 4th Wall Items to help aid them and their pages in battle. What some casters may not know is that those claimed items count for both sides of the battlefield during a match! That means cards such as Lady Luck, which requires gold to be within eyesight, or Loveland Frogman which requires liquid water to be within arms reach count for both sides! Clever casters may opt to not include popular 4th wall items in hopes of gaining an extra slot on their own list to get a competitive advantage as they sling spells and contract powerful Beasties during the match!


Spirits CANNOT attack other Spirits

When posed the question “Can Spirits attack other Spirits?” You may jump to think, “Well flying Beasties can attack other flyers, and burrowed Beasties can be attacked by Beasties with burrow so yes!” but in reality that is not the case. Pages with the Spirit trait may not be targeted by attacks from ANY Pages, including those with the Spirit trait! Something to keep in mind when you’re hoping to crash your Phantom Car into an opposing Caster’s Familiar!


Dingbelle Placed into the Arena or Contracted for Free Is Destroyed when it Enters
From the Cryptid Nation Theme Decks, Dingbelle has been around creating tokens and swinging for just as much since the start of the game. An interaction that can occur is Dingbelle being placed into the Arena due to the effect of Call of the Storm, or being played for free via Cryptid Nation Promo. In both cases, Dingbelle was not contracted for X amount of Aura and as such would enter with 0 LP, therefore being destroyed as it entered! This may not come up very often but think twice before trying to cast your Dingbelles for free!

Thank you, once again, Casters for reading! As always you can find me on the Caster Society Discord, or your local Medal event in Texas tearing up the scene! I hope these rulings provide valuable insight and aid you in your Spell Slinging, Beastie Summoning, Artifact quest to be the best Caster around!

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