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Metazoo Rulings You Probably Didn’t Know About Part 3

Metazoo Rulings you Should Know Part 3!


Hello Casters! Master MZO Truk back again with some whacky, wild, and wonderful Rulings you probably didn’t know about in Metazoo! Use these to fortify your game knowledge and triumph on the battlefield as you sling spells and command Cryptids to destroy your opposing casters! As Doja Cat eloquently said: “(Let’s) Get into it yuh!”


Wendigo’s Fear Trait on Contract does NOT Activate his Arena Effect
A common misconception with Wendigo is that his Fear Trait, that is activated on Contract, would activate his arena effect if you flipped tails on the Fear Trait. This is not correct. When Beasties are contracted into the arena, all CONTRACT & Traits resolve prior to entering the Arena so Wendigo would not be able to benefit from his initial Fear Trait on Contract! (Any subsequent fear reactivations due to his attack however would activate as normal)

Prevent Opposing UFOs from giving Flying to a Beastie by having one of yours Touch it as well!
A popular deck choice has been surfacing revolving around Greys & The wincon with UFO. UFO, the namesake of the set, is a powerful card that, aside from providing a way to win the game with the right amount of Beasties and Terra’s in play, also provides the Flying trait to a single Cosmic Beastie it is touching. How can we prevent that flying trait from helping your opponent you may ask? Simple! Contract a Beastie on your opponents side of the battlefield touching UFO to negate the effect!


Piasa Bird Reduces the Cost of BOTH Caster’s Flame Spells

It’s no secret that with the introduction of Burning Effigies in Seance, Flame has seen a surge in play on the competitive level. Flame has powerful creatures in it’s arsenal, from Headless Coal Miner, Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary , and of course Gaasyendietha! Piasa Bird from Cryptid Nation also finds its way into every deck, allowing you to reduce the cost of your Flame spells by 1. What some casters forget is that this Arena effect applies to both the caster controlling Piasa Bird AND the opposing caster! In a Flame vs Flame matchup think twice before contracting the Flying Fire Bird as it may come back to burn you!

Tokens do NOT belong to a set and do NOT have an aura cost

Throughout Metazoo’s history many cards have emerged with powerful effects that generate tokens. Oklahoma Octopus, Burning Effigies, Bursting Spiderlings, and Radioactive Hornet to name a few. A key distinction with these token generating powerhouses is the fact that any tokens generated by pages during a game DO NOT belong to a specific set, and DO NOT have a printed Aura Cost. This is especially important for Spellbook promos like NightFall, or UFO, which buff the Atk of Beasties from that set. This is also important for cards like Absorb Aura, which does not have the ability to absorb an effigy token generated from the spell as it does not have an Aura Cost.


This concludes the third installment of Metazoo Rulings You Should Know! As always if you have any questions feel free to reach me at the Caster Society Discord! Good Luck Casters!

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