Metazoo Rogue Gallery – Arise Chicken, Chicken Arise!

Arise Chicken, Chicken Arise!

Hey Casters, Bats here with another fun Metazoo Rogue Gallery deck for y’all!

The new Neutrality Totality Aura is a really powerful new card that opens up a lot of options for every deck. I decided to go a different direction though and focus on a mostly neutral deck. 

Here is the current list I’m working with, it can be tuned to be more competitive but should be fun to play and annoying to play against either way, my specialty! 

Arise Chicken 40

10 Mike The Headless Chicken

1 Manchac Swamp Priestess

1 Adam Ackler

2 Resurrection From The Afterlife

2 Void Spell

2 Bookmark

3 Static Wand (or Death Beams)

1 New Beginnings

1 Power Up Red

4 Sinister Shadows

5 Chaos Potion

2 Neutrality Totality Aura

2 Prism Aura

1 Spirit Aura

3 Dark Aura

The idea is to spam out as many headless chickens as you can, and then while swamp priestess is in the arena convert Mike to a dark page with chaos potion and then sinister shadows him creating tons of chicken tokens and then tons of zombie tokens with swamp priestess. If Mike dies before then, bring him back with resurrection! The amount of tokens that can be generated from this is hard to calculate because of swamp priestess effect 

Static wand and power up red can be used to boost some of the chickens or the zombie tokens for more damage or to paralyze opponents’ beasties; or the wands could be sided out for death beams. 

Adam Ackler or other neutral beasties can be used to help do even more damage!

Side-Deck or Cards to Add

  • Rat King would be another good card to add if you have one to make even more tokens and protect all of the tokens the priestess makes. 
  • Void Spell
  • Destroy Terra
  • Cryptid Nation Promo
  • Nighttime Terra
  • Necromancy
  • Other Neutral Beasties


  • Mike has to attack so all your chickens could end up in the afterlife before you can start doing the sinister shadows combo
  • Board Wipes will destroy all the tokens so recursion like necromancy or spells like dampen should be considered 
  • Tiny island or token corrosion can hinder this deck make sure to have void spells and destroy terras

Thanks as always for checking out my Rogue Decks, I’ll Catch ya on the next one!!


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