Metazoo Rap

So many Cryptids, Not much time!

A Metazoo Rap for you all to enjoy!

How  bout I bust out a sublime rhyme?

Characters aged like fine wine.

What Mike Waddell put out is great!

How many of us took the Metazoo bait?

How can you hate or debate?

But, much rather anticipate .

With the ambiance  of each update .

Hard to obtain product with all the bots,

The Chibi Cryptids are the tiniest of tots.

Kickstarter and samples put the pressure to see if the latter could measure .

They set the bar

To see if the rest could be up to par.

Cryptid nation was out first,

Each new set fostering thirst.

Subsets too what else will they do?

Looking upon the Wilderness,

So many cute critters can’t resist.

Bigfoot and Ocanto falls colorful dragon ain’t laggin!

Rainbow pride to stricken the tide

Others too!

What would you do if you have Cumberland Dragon apart of your crew? Cumberland Dragon

Fire power defeat is not sour.

The wild seven are the harder pull..

Not finding Mishipeshu  in over ten  booster boxes was a frustrating lure to endure

Playing the game staying tame.

Take on a man named Sam St. Clair if you dare.

Cause waves and bring upon a stare.

Don’t be a simp or a wimp.

A frog named Loveland frogman

could help you land a few grand.

Or perhaps a Kentucky Hellhound you will put in bound.

Maybe it’s a feline you much rather fancy,

Rather than a  black or Wampus cat you will put at bat.

Caster Society will give you the rope.

A $250,000 prize would be dope.

With  them by your side you will have support.

Not a mission you would wish to abort.

No lies- It would be wise to trust these guys!  If you play right, it would be a phenomenal sight.

You would see more light

And. would be a delight.

No need for fright…

Let the Mothman take flight tonight.

Find Metazoo variety with the Caster society.

Learn to play and have a blessed day.

The pride of the zoo is up to you.

Being part of the elite would be the ultimate treat, nothing else you could beat.  To take on that winner’s seat.

-Melissa Pivovaroff

Discord – @pivstress
Twitter – @melissapivovar1

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