Metazoo Meta-which

Mad growling n my tummy, Craving something mighty yummy.

In the pantry shelves I go

Hopefully my  watch won’t grow more than my MetaZoo flow.

The more you know.

The more you Kohls?

Need beyond some sushi Rolls.

Something tradition and easy peasy.

Not something grilled and cheesy.

But, something that will please me.

Nightfall zoo creatures I will take,

No need perform a clam bake.

It’ll be a piece of cake the thing I make.

Start with bread, minus any pieces of a lettuce  head.

But, rather something I can spread.

With too much insulation I’d be dead

Or a lazy in bed instead.

The Purple  Blob of Philli

Will be my grape jelly

No need to much on pork belly

Taken with my butter knife spreader

With addition of peanut butter it’ll be better.

I’ll accompany it with creamy mud of the Murphysboro monsters body bulk, far from the strength of the Incredible Hulk.

Far from the Hazelnut taste of Nutella.

I’ll tell ya, that monster is an ugly and smelly fella!

With an addition of a rice crispy treat to enjoy in the summer heat.

Composed of another blob kabob or a slob

The Kinderhook one I’ll melt and put another dub in my belt.

Hunger no more, What a quick an efficient score!

One reply on “Metazoo Meta-which”

Waiting on the Pivs Em diss track.
“Start with a bread minus any pieces of a lettuce head” I felt that. Awesome job!

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