Journal Entry #1 – Sasquatch

[Exert from the private journals of Professor Dingbat]

April 13th, 2023

I know I may seem like a joke to others. Technology, the result of years of scientific advancement, is primarily a thing of the past now that magic has taken over society. Because of this, my methods of research seem antiquated to some, and I have had to endure not a small amount of scorn from the community. The majority of my equipment from the old world has been rendered mostly useless, but if one thing I know holds true, it is that the scientific method is still just as important as it was back then. Experiments, tests, and explorations still need to be done so that we can understand the world around us now more than ever before.

Because of my convictions, I have continued my research despite the massive setbacks the veil has provided me. During my research, I have noticed that certain types of Beasties tend to gain strength by being around others of their own and/or similar species. Some of the most common types I have noticed include, but are not limited to, the following: Sasquatches, Dinos, Aliens, and so-called fearsome critters. One type that I have found myself particularly fascinated by is the Sasquatch “tribe.” Sightings of such creatures had appeared around the world for centuries, long before the world of Beasties became fact. They were also some of the most well-known Cryptids from the old world, showing how awe-inspiring they truly are What I think is most confusing about the Sasquatches is how they are defined. It is not as clear cut as things like dinosaurs, which consist of large, non-humanoid reptilian creatures. The only true trait that all Sasquatches share is that they are vaguely humanoid. However, this does not mean that all humanoids are Sasquatches; Some examples of this include Walking Sam (a spirit), Lizard People (and other various aliens), and Bunny Man (unknown). One might say that another Sasquatch trait is the fact that they have some form of hair along with being a humanoid, but there are even outliers within the Sasquatch tribe itself. The Ohio Grassman, as silly of an example as it may sound, has grass in place of hair and is undoubtedly a Sasquatch despite this. It is believed that they live among others of their Beastie type since they build grass structures that protect other tribe mates from harm, including the famous Bigfoot. It is for this reason that I rule out hairiness as being an identifying factor, leading me to believe that what makes a Sasquatch a Sasquatch is more spiritual in nature, rather than cataloging them by physical traits alone.

I know that out of all of the Beastie types out there, Sasquatches are not exactly the hardest to identify. It is strange that they are easily recognizable yet nearly impossible to narrow down with words on paper. They are mostly large human-like beings that generally live in isolated areas. The fearsome critters, as an example of a more varied tribe, are a much harder group to identify, as large of a variety as they have. But I still find myself attracted to the mystery of the bigfoot-like creatures that roam these lands that we call home. I will definitely have to do more research on the subject. Hopefully, my work will reveal some grand piece of knowledge that will change the world once again, and this time in my favor. That would shut the casters up. That would show them that science still runs the world, not magic.

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