Metazoo Antiquity – Father Sam BBQ Revolutionary

Metazoo Antiquity – Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary

Merry Christmas! Oh, wait. Wrong holiday. Happy late 4th of July and welcome to a MetaZoo Antiquity article; where I will go over the history of a deck or card in MetaZoo. In this article, in the honor of the holiday I will be analyzing Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary.Metazoo Antiquity 1 - BBQ Sam

The origins of Father Sam, BBQ Revolutionary’s tournament success was in a deck piloted by Ed Chalupa (pbmagnet) that I was directly involved in the creation of. 

Flame/Spirit Gaasy

2 Gaasyendietha

5 Giant Salamander

1 Father Sam BBQ Revolutionary

1 Piasa Bird

2 Bookmark

1 New Years New Beginnings

1 Powerup Red

4 Morpheus

6 Fireball

1 Cryptid Nation

2 First Anniversary Celebration

2 Unending Fire Crystal

8 Flame Aura

4 Spirit Aura


Side Deck

2 Ghost Deer

2 Forest Terra

4 Fireball

1 Spirit Aura

5 Lightning in a Bottle

I personally felt that the pure power of Gaasy as a card was one of the top in the Cryptid Nation meta, and it was severely underplayed. I ended up being able to convince Ed to play Flame/Spirit Gaasy at Collect-a-con Houston, and he took a base list that I sent him and tweaked it into the deck he finished 3rd with.

Against a meta that was Quetzalcoatlus and Fearsome Critters, this deck was well positioned. Looping fireballs with Giant Salamander support made it hard for critters to be able to put up a real fight and keep any beasties on the board. Quetzalcoatlus was certainly still a challenge, but using fireballs to take out smaller threats and Morpheus to take out larger ones, then timing Gaasyendietha correctly to recur and take out the maximum number of threats made the matchup more manageable.

BBQ Sam was a crucial part of this deck, Cryptid Nation allowed for some early surprises to deal a large amount of early damage, deal with beasties, and place pressure on opponents. This allowed for the Gaasy deck to build up spells in the cemetery to recur at a later date without having to worry about their LP getting too low in the early game.

BBQ Tokens were also an invaluable defensive piece that usually allowed Gaasy to last for multiple turns. It essentially represents 50 LP, as 25 LP can be recovered from Gaasy on their destruction and another 25 LP from the BBQ Token being declared as a defender. Sometimes BBQ Tokens can be used to recover LP from BBQ Sam as well to ensure it lasts long enough to finish off the opponent.

 Playing BBQ Sam in the late game as intended made it a powerful finisher. In most games, Giant Salamanders would trade off against other threats, sometimes dealing significant damage to the opposing caster but not usually finishing them off. BBQ Sam dealing 125 damage at this point in the game when opponents were mostly locked down would usually be enough to finish off the game.

BBQ Sam was still very strong, but not as good as it is now, because at this point Living in the United States wasn’t enabled as a 4th wall, so playing it as a 5 drop that enters the arena awakened and can’t be blocked makes it an even more powerful finisher/beater.

This deck was in my opinion very underrated in the metagame, and allowed Ed to get 3rd place. Gaasy didn’t show up as much in the Nightfall metagame because of Frog, and is making a resurgence now with the Boil Over/Torrential River combo, although without BBQ Sam. 

In the present, BBQ Sam hasn’t seen as much success due to Flame not being well positioned in the metagame. In conclusion, I think BBQ Sam is destined to return and see success, it is hard to argue that it isn’t one of the most potent finisher cards in all of MetaZoo. With Frog hopefully being less dominant in the UFO metagame, Flame has the potential to rise again. Additionally, I think that BBQ Sam is one of the cards that can aid in that future success.

I hope everyone had a good holiday, and look forward to you reading the next Metazoo Antiquity article!

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Fantastic article my friend! It’s nice to know the early history of the game and how you can apply cards from then to now.

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