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King of the Chill – Top 8 Tournament Report

King of the Chill Top 8 Tournament Report


Hey there Casters! Your friendly neighborhood truK backwards here with a report from the recent King of the Chill Tournament! Although being a meta-zoologist is a full-time job, I do get to sneak away from judging to play some cards too!


I chose to play Fire for this event on the heels of Easton Evan’s win in Kansas City, I felt that I had favorable match-ups to the metagame choices with the only exception being cosmic, to which I tip the scales in my favor with a heavily cosmic counter focused Archive. I felt confident in my testing and was excited to play against such a competitive field!


Now, onto the list:


Notable changes from Easton’s Kansas City list is the inclusion of Wilderness Promo, One more Fire Aura, and one less Dark Aura in the main deck while in the archive, the inclusion of Adam Ackler, and Void Spells. Being able to cast Hateful Demise or Explosion for 2 Neutral Aura doesn’t happen often but when it did, it came out of nowhere and helped to secure the matchups, and who doesn’t want a second target to cast their growth outside of Cryptid Nation? Adam Ackler abused the Neutrality Aura and came in with fleet, something that many were not expecting out of what most thought was a cookie cutter Easton Spellbook. Lastly, Void Spells were brought in against double First Anniversary Celebration, and CN/W promo abusing Spellbooks. This kept my coal miners and fireballs healthy as well as slowing down my opponent hoping to utilize an early Cryptid Nation, Wilderness, or Powerup Red. On to the report!


Round 1 vs. Bye

An odd number of casters had me sitting the first round, which I was ok with! This lets me dodge the rogue round 1spellbook looking to surprise those unprepared and lets me start my day playing against the most popular Spellbook choices in Round 2!



Round 2 vs. Dingbelle Lightning

I sit across from Caster Society’s own Servion! We have some light banter as we shuffle up our Spellbooks. Game 1 goes great for me, being able to control his board when big Dingbelle’s are dropped, allowing me to take the first one. During the Archiving phase before Game 2, I joke that “let’s hope that you don’t drop 3 artifacts on me turn 1!” I eat my own words as Servion opens with a lightning glass and Chaos Crystal Turn 1. After 3 attacks from a 7 drop Dingbelle, I pick up my cards and announce that we’re going to game 3. Game 3 I start both absorb aura going first and stick him on 3 aura for a few turns, couple that with a Cryptid Nation Father Sam BBQ Revolutionary on Turn 3 and it’s curtains for my opponent!



Round 3 vs. Cosmic

I get called to play on stream against Douglas more affectionately known as Dirty! I know that this will be a good limit test of my list as Dirty has been tearing up the TX scene with cosmic since UFO was released. 2 Quick games later and I am off the stream in 10 minutes. Getting locked Turn 2 in Game 1 and being unable to come back in a longer Game 2 all but sealed my fate against the Lime Green Spellbook of terror!



Round 4 vs. Fire

I sit across from Isaac, a wonderful player from Houston and Day 2 finisher from Caster’s Cup. He’s also playing Fire so I know I’m in for a full three games. We both go aura dry in Game 1, with me being able to pull ahead just barely to secure Game 1. We play a grueling Game 2 where he’s able to better utilize Gaasyendietha. Time is running short as we shuffle up for Game 3 but I am able to take it during the extra turns once time is called by drawing into my extra Lightning in a Bottles. Well played to Isaac!



Round 5 vs. Cosmic

I sit down and start to shuffle up for round 5 against a well-known San Antonio Player Jonathan aka Heavyweight. He’s playing cosmic so it’s time for my redemption arc. Game 1 I mulligan down to 4 but am able to draw out of it after he goes aura dry in the mid game, allowing me to win a 35 minute Game 1 by controlling his board. Game 2 he opens with 3 aura facts and although close, I get edged out and decide to scoop up the game in the interest of time with 4 minutes left on the clock. I bring in all of my aggression and get ready to go in to time as we draw our chapters for Game 3. Time is called and I am able to pull out a sneaky win by holding on to an explosion for game on the last turn!



Round 6 vs Critters

Round 6 pits me against DFW local and testing partner Luis! It’s his birthday so he’s able to utilize First Anniversary Celebration for free (and it does an extra 50 damage.) We are both in a position where a gentleman’s draw secures us a Top 8 spot. We turn in our Draw and enjoy an hour before top 8 to refresh and talk about our matches for the day!



Top 8 vs Fire (Chris Johnson)

Of the top 8 finishers I was confident in 5, with Dirty piloting Cosmic and Chris piloting the mirror being what I was nervous about. Sure enough I sit across Chris Dueling Brother Johnson in my second Fire mirror match of the day. Game 1 I am able to outpace him with an early Sam and take it. Game 2 he is able to pull ahead with his playing of artifacts I did not see during Game 1 while utilizing key Morpheus drops to take it from me. I side in my two Absorb Aura and prepare to have a nice game 3. He is able to Void Spell a turn 3 Powerup Red on my Wood Devil of Coos County, which slows me down considerably. In the mid game, I play Fourth of July to preserve my Father Sam, only to have Chris drop a key Gaasyendietha I cannot destroy with spells while under Fourth of July. He makes quick work of my board as I struggle to draw action. Eventually I extend my hand and concede, knowing I cannot come back.


This ends my run at King of the Chill! Special Thanks to Smith for putting on a great event, pbmagnet for being amazing with stream production, Tuffy and Speedlemon for providing top notch stream commentary, and last but not least Bats & moldypotionz for being excellent MZOs! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or reach out to me on discord at truK#0001!

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