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Taters Gonna Tate

Taters Gonna Tate

Hey there Casters and Metazoo Fans! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Beasties from the newest set, Seance. More than just a potato with dirty socks and a cool hat, Humpledumple is a much needed earth-aura powerhouse. I imagine a lot of the community has already caught on to how powerful of a card Humpledumple is; but I wanted to really put a spotlight on some things and talk about some of the success I’ve had with him in my Spellbook.

While it does suffer from being one of the first dual aura Beasties without much support, 1 dark aura is not too hard of a reach for the extreme value Humpledumple brings to the game. Whenever Humpledumple is contracted the player will reveal the top cards from their deck until they reveal another Beastie goblin page, which they will move into the arena fatigued, and then the opponent will return the remaining cards back to the top in any order they like. Both times I’ve used Humpledumple I played only the 3 copies of it and no other goblins. While this does make it so that your opponent gets to stack more cards, there are many great follow up options to shuffle your deck with afterwards.

Closer to the release of Seance I played a Witches & Goblins deck where I would use cards like Chibi Salem’s Witches or Necromancy as well as Stalactites to shuffle the deck after playing a Humpledumple. At the time I was also playing Excavation so I would generally try to do both in the same turn before using a shuffle effect. More recently I played a Worm deck featuring 3x Humpledumple. I decided to play an Overgrown city package with the Alpha Gator to search for them. While giving your opponent an extra Aura might feel bad, giving Cement Worm a boost and a fatigued aura to hold down really helped make the trade-off much more worth it. On top of that this package along with Ice Worm served great for shuffling the deck after contracting a Humpledumple.

Besides being an absolute wall with 120 LP and Regen to recover from anything that doesn’t take it out, Humpledumple still has some a few tricks up its sleeves. Whenever Humpledumple attacks the player may stomp their feet to destroy a Special Terra in the arena. Not only that but Humpledumple also swings even harder with each goblin your opponent takes out, gaining 10 Attack points for every Beastie Goblin in the Limbo.
Unfortunately there aren’t many Beastie Goblins to work with currently so I’m definitely looking forward to Native for more worms, goblins, and those sweet sweet Dual Aura Pages to bring it all together.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my main spud Humpledumple. If any of you ever have any questions or need some deck advice please don’t hesitate to message me. Let’s have an awesome 2023!

Your favorite Caster
Michael “Bagira” Beaumont

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