Fourth Of July Metazoo Promo Review

Spoiler Review – Fourth Of July

Metazoo already has a few cards that are staples for practically every spellbook.  Pages like Powerup Red, Bookmark and New Years New Beginnings are in leagues of their own.  Now we have a new page joining their roster of game breaking pages, meet the new Metazoo promo Fourth Of July!
Metazoo Promo Fourth Of JulyWhen I first read this card, this is what stuck out to me, ”All Casters cannot declare attacks until the end of your next turn.”.  Also the added caveat of automatically making the game a draw if it’s the actual fourth of July and fireworks are visible is quite the effect too!

The new Metazoo promo Fourth Of July is absolutely busted and should be in every spellbook because it is in the same realm as River Of Time, allowing you to do things that will go unanswered and then take advantage the following turn.  Pages like Loveland Frogman just got even better because now you can play Loveland Frogman and Fourth of July and your Frog will most likely live because your opponent can’t attack on their turn.  It enables slower decks to be able to play aurafact pages like Mermaid Scales and have no worries of losing them to attacks.

Another spellbook that loves Fourth Of July is the Gaasy combo spellbook.  You want the least amount of interaction with your opponent when playing combo decks because your whole goal is to play a combination of pages to win the game.  Fourth Of July allows that to happen by having your opponent essentially skip their turn by not being able to attack your artifacts that generate aura.  You could even play Fourth Of July followed by Gaasyendietha and then go to town on your next turn with Gaasy because your opponent couldn’t attack it.  Fourth Of July is basically River Of Time #2 in the Gaasy spellbook and is an auto-inclusion.

Practically every kind of spellbook wants to play Fourth Of July.  The only spellbooks that don’t get as big of a benefit are the very aggressive spellbooks that want to attack every turn and go wide with lots of beasties.  I would still include Fourth Of July in those spellbooks because it still allows those aggressive spellbooks to build up their board with beasties.  An example would be in the Cosmic aggro decks like Nick Beeman’s from the Caster Cup here, you see pages that don’t attack often like Air Rods and Dark Watchers because they have powers that make them fatigue.  Even though Air Rods and Dark Watchers have evasive traits like Flying and Spirit, they help you build up your board by synergizing with other beasties and setup the top of your spellbook for future draws.  Fearsome Critters also wouldn’t mind Fourth Of July because they can play pages like New Years New Beginnings or Growth, play a beastie and aurafacts and follow it up with Fourth Of July to make sure they can utilize the extra aura and unanswered beasties the following turn.

Metazoo is a game that primarily focuses on combat and attacking with beasties and when you can play a page that forces your opponent to not be able to attack your pages, it’s extremely beneficial.  The Metazoo promo Fourth Of July will be a staple in every deck for as long as it’s legal to play with.  So I would immediately put this in your spellbook as soon as you can because it’s just too good not to play.

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Excellent article!! Personally I think this card will mostly just see side deck play for going into time. It’s really only good mainboard in decks that want to stall for an alt wincon (ufo/squatches) or a burn deck that doesn’t need to attack. (Gaasy) It’s a great defensive play to help you build up resources but ultimately your opponent still gets to attack first. Definitely a staple in every deck now.

I agree 100%, it’s a great card, but I think you summed up my feelings on it perfectly, sidedeck card in most spellbooks.

We still haven’t gotten confirmation yet, but as soon as we do know how it’s being distributed Caster Society will let everyone know!

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