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For the Apprentices

For the Apprentices

Hello, my fellow casters and Metazoo enthusiasts! My name is Antonio, and today I want to share some knowledge on what helped me become the Caster I am today. First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ve learned something practical to help you on your journey to becoming a Master Caster.


I want to start by saying I am not the best player in the world. However, I have watched the best and learned from them. That’s precisely where I started. When I began playing Metazoo, I watched all of Caster Society’s clips of old tournaments. I studied all the matches and paid close attention to the finals. After I learned the game’s basic mechanics, I started to emulate the more advanced strategies. It’s essential for a beginner first to understand the game’s basics. Once you feel comfortable enough, study the top players and try to understand their reasoning. Understanding why the best Casters do what they do will elevate your game. You level up if you can learn from them to the point where you can start making great judgment calls.


After I felt confident enough to play more games of Metazoo, that’s all I did. Getting reps in will allow your moves in the game to flow more smoothly. I was playing Metazoo almost every day. I was addicted to the game and wanted to see everything it had to offer. This leads me to my next point, try out multiple decks. Play with every aura type and find which one best fits your game style. Try out different styles of decks, aggro, control, combo, etc. Once you find your mojo with a particular deck, play against the weakest matchup. I’ve learned a lot by playing at a disadvantage. Next, Don’t be afraid to build your own decks. I know it’s tempting to play the deck that just won the tournament. But you might create the deck that wins the next one. Of course, now everyone will want to copy yours! Talk about superstar status.


Go out to your local LGS! I learned so much about the game just by having conversations with more experienced players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone I’ve met because of Metazoo has been so kind and friendly. Ask for constructive criticism and offer some yourself if you feel like your input would be helpful. Competing at your LGS is suitable for those who want to be competitive. However, I understand not everyone wants to compete. Metazoo is excellent for casual play as well. So many different fourth wall effects can be active during casual play. Get creative with the game, invite friends, and have fun.


This game is so magical and has so much to offer. I like playing Metazoo from a competitive standpoint. But I also enjoy playing the game just to escape from reality. It can be therapeutic as long as you aren’t stressing yourself out. You are a Caster battling another Caster; the options are endless. So command your Beasties, cast your Spells, and embrace the magic. I hope you were able to learn from this article. I wish all of you good luck on your journey. And for my new casters and new TCG players. Don’t give up. It can be easy to get frustrated or upset, and I get it. This game can be complex, but that makes it so intriguing. There are like a million ways to win a game of Metazoo. All it takes is one. Thank you so much for your time.


-Antonio H.


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You absolutely knocked this one out of the park brother, excellent work!

“Don’t be afraid to build your own decks. I know it’s tempting to play the deck that just won the tournament. But you might create the deck that wins the next one.” -Antonio Hammond ’22

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