Financial Focus!

Financial Focus!

Welcome to the first installment of Financial Focus!, covering the most current financial aspects of Metazoo. My name is James Studley, I’m a member of the Pro Team for Caster Society. I look forward to going through the financial aspects of Metazoo, looking towards the future on what to buy, hold, or sell as a player and collector.

Today we are discussing Hiroquest, Wilderness Boosters Boxes, and Walmart Wilderness Hangers.


Hiroquest, which releases Thursday, June 16, 12pm EST (link will probably be:, is the Steve Aoki inspired collaboration set. Having been discussed for a while now, this set features “over 70 cards” in a mini set that is available at $5.99 for a CD which includes, seemingly, a single card. I think the big question for this set, is whether it will include new cards. There have been four spoiled cards so far; Jack Frost, Abduction, and Mothman (Nightfall version), and Snipe. The art for the cards is eye-catching and visually appealing, and I expect the zombie Mothman to be one of the chase cards.

My predictions:

  • Mostly reprinted cards, with 5-10 new versions of cards.
  • If there are new versions of cards, especially if they are good player wise, they will command a significant price in the market.
  • Buy this, but be aware shipping may be higher than expected.

Very hard to complete the entire set due to its size of 70 cards.



Wilderness Booster boxes

The current tcgplayer price ( is about $90. Booster boxes for Metazoo haven’t gone much lower than this, and the Wilderness set does include player hits, Prism Aura, and collector hits, bronze, silver, and gold tickets, and Green Man.

A variant of the Wilderness Booster boxes from Ebay (10 packs and special boxtopper which includes a holo version of a token) originally retailed for $49.99. Currently around $100-120 on the secondary market, don’t sleep on this item. Currently the only way to get holo tokens, but also a limited print run. These cards seem to have a different cardstock/printer than the regular Wilderness set. The holos are richer, more vibrant, and just seem to pop more.

My predictions:

  • This is the low, buy now if interested.
  • A year from now, this booster box will be in the $150s.
  • Slightly off topic but still about Wilderness–The Wild 7, cards only available in full holo, which includes Prism Aura, will be significantly hard to find at a reasonable price. It is extremely hard to pull all of the Wild 7, and buying them as singles now is your best bet.
  • Ebay Wilderness boxes will be in the $175-200 range next year.


Wilderness Walmart Hangers

Sold as a three booster pack with unique Dragon of Oconto Falls promo, this package which retails at $15 is available nationwide at Walmart. Sometimes hard to find, collectors tend to buy these out. I do think if you are persistent in checking your area Walmarts, you should be able to find these. The packaging of these were “printed backwards”, time will tell if all of them are printed backwards or whether they will start printing them normally.

My predictions:

  • May be hard to find, at $15 though, these are an easy pickup.
  • A year from now, these will be at $45.
  • If 2 printings end up happening of the packaging, expect the rarer version to be 10-15% higher than the other.

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