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Cursed Contract

Cursed Contract

Hey there, it’s JibWizard here.

Today I wanted to talk about the strongest Spell prevention card we have seen in Metazoo thus far, the Cursed Contract. The other Spell prevention cards we have seen in Metazoo both belonged to the Water aura type. Yet here we are, and Spirit has come in swinging with the newest set, Seance.
Cursed Contract has an Aura cost of 2 Spirit, which isn’t breaking your bank on Aura by any means. You may contract this card anytime an opposing caster has contracted a Spell and you want to stop their Spell from resolving. Not only will it prevent their Spell from going off, but this card replaces the text box of theirs with “The Caster that Contracted this Spell loses 75 LP”.
Now, if that wasn’t good enough for you, check this out. There are some Spells in this game which state, “this Spell cannot be prevented.” Well in fact they now can, due to Cursed Contract replacing the text box of the Spell you are trying to prevent the opposing casters Spell loses its text box which was making the card unpreventable.
Pair this card with your Spirit archetype decks and use it to prevent things like explosion, lightning bolt, or hateful demise to keep your Beasties with the Spirit trait alive on the board, and you have a great deck archetype started.

Good luck, casters!

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