Card Anaylsis Strategy

Taters Gonna Tate

Taters Gonna Tate Hey there Casters and Metazoo Fans! Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Beasties from the newest set, Seance. More than just a potato with dirty socks and a cool hat, Humpledumple is a much needed earth-aura powerhouse. I imagine a lot of the community has already caught on […]

Card Anaylsis

A Closer Look: Chasse`Galerie

A Closer Look: Chasse`Galerie Greetings humanoids!  With Seance calling in the Spirits, literally every Aura Type in Metazoo now has an affinity with the Spirit Aura type.  There is an artifact essence for every spirit aura combination in the game which enables Casters to easily splash it into their deck and access really powerful control […]