Breakfast With Mothman

Breakfast With Mothman

Eating breakfast eggs with the yolk

Pondering Point Pleasant creature discovered by the West Virgina  Folk

Being bitten by him would  be far from a joke.

Being stricken by something as strong as such could make you choke.

Not just on your food,  it could tear down your mood. In the morning as you are waking up  hand grasping your coffee cup.

Sipping through the caffeine coffee froth

Wondering the significance of the so called moth

Is it a man-sized bird, or something completely absurd?

Like the supernatural event with a distinguishable scent ?

One thing is for sure, it was something brought to existence to adore.

Beyond a legend , perhaps even a god send.

With glowing eyes, his symbolism is at a rise.

All hail the terror, it could easily tear your hair and leave you bare.

Some say this creature is far from okay.

And not made to play during the day.

If you see it you best walk away.

Or was it from a place in space.

Not comprised of much grace, not hesitant if for a chance to get in your face.

Six to seven  feet tall it may be the the biggest thing anyone ever saw.

Red aura to one’s surprise

Doom ambiance in its eyes,

One mystery in our history.

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