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A Closer Look: Chasse`Galerie

A Closer Look: Chasse`Galerie

Greetings humanoids!  With Seance calling in the Spirits, literally every Aura Type in Metazoo now has an affinity with the Spirit Aura type.  There is an artifact essence for every spirit aura combination in the game which enables Casters to easily splash it into their deck and access really powerful control pages like Morpheus and Cursed Contract no matter what they’re playing otherwise.  In addition to that, Seance came with a few really big Dual Aura Beasties that pack a wallop and today we’re going to take a closer look at one of my favorites in the set, Chasse-Galerie!

Chasse-Galerie, the Flying Canoe was one of the first cards spoiled from the Seance set back in September and it definitely caught the eyes of many dark and spirit players.  It’s a 2 per Spellbook, Flying, Unblockable Beastie Vehicle weighing in at 100 LP who swings for 60 or up to 100 damage if you have the Nighttime Terra active.  Anytime I see a 100/100 Beastie with Unblockable, I’m already interested, but there is more to this card than just bashing faces. The power Devil’s Bargain reads, “Lose 60 LP to remove a trait of your choice on all opposing Beasties until the end of your next turn”, granting Chasse-Galerie the ability to strip Quetz’s of their First Strike, or maybe steal their Flight so they can’t attack Chasse on the next turn.  I could sit here all day rambling on about uses for Devil’s Bargain but the point is, it’s WICKED and has a ton of utility.  But the flying French Canadian Canoe isn’t done yet, there’s still the attack, Wild Hunt, which says, “Whenever this Attack Destroys a Beastie, Destroy all Beasties in the Arena that share the same name or are name ‘Snipe’”.  So we’ve got a 100/100 Flying Unblockable Beastie who can remove traits long enough to destroy the target next turn along with any Beastie sharing its name… and also hates Snipes.  Needless to say, ALL the birds hate this boat… as do critters, Rebobs, aliens, or any other deck that relies on playsets of the same Beastie.  One rogue Canoe can reset the whole board state, especially if you hand it a few Lightning in a Bottle.  Sheesh.  This card is like a wipe every time it destroys a Beastie, and it destroys a lot of Beasties.

The biggest challenge is getting that Aura Cost taken care of.  2 Spirit + 3 Dark Aura is not cheap but with Reaper’s Crown, Medium’s Third Eye, or even spells like Dusk’s Omen, the Chasse will make it to the Arena and leave Beastie bodies in its wake; A grim prospect for any opposing Caster.

That’s it for today!  As always I appreciate your reading and hope this gave you some ideas to take with you back to the lab.  With all the announcements about Towers and Casters Cup 2023, it’s time to get those decks cookin’.  In the words of the infamous young genius, “DEEDEE GET OUT OF MY LA-BOR-A-TORY!!”




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